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Recommended Books for the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The vision is downright Norman Rockwell-esque. It’s winter… around the holidays. Baby, it’s cold outside. There’s a hot cup of tea or a glass of wine, a bubble bath or perhaps a warm blanket in a cozy chair, and a list of steamy paranormal romance novels on your reading list just waiting for you. Hopefully, we’ll see snow soon here in the Ozark Mountains to complete the idyllic picture. If you live in a warm climate, swap out the chaise lounge with a lawn chair and snow for palm trees – same idea of relaxing with a hot paranormal romance book applies.

I can’t even blame my love of books and reading on occupational hazard. While paranormal romance is my chosen genre in which to write, I love reading, always have. Period. So, when downtime around the holidays presents itself, which it does since I spend a lot of time traveling between my homes in the Ozarks and the South, I get giddy at the prospect of putting notches on my reading list.

For me, anything written by Christine Feehan, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Shannon K. Butcher are sure bets. Also, I like checking out Top Ten, Top Twenty, Must Reads, and Best Selling Paranormal Romances lists posted online. You just never know what gems you’ll get turned on to from these lists and readers’ comments. I like to lose myself in fantasy… in romance… in another world.

I’m a researcher. Now, that’s an occupational hazard and a love. I found three promising lists to fill up my holiday reading list. Not surprisingly, Feehan and Kenyon are at the top of BookBub’s “13 New Paranormal Romance Books to Read This Fall.”

If you’re a fan of Feehan, Kenyon and Butcher’s books too, then my paranormal romance series, The Taken and The Stone Men belong on your holiday reading list. They’re both available on Amazon.

The Taken series takes place between two worlds – ours and Loriah. Loriah is in the midst of a battle with an invading army. The last hope is The Taken who were sent to earth to be hidden amongst us. It was for their own protection, but the tide has turned and Loriah’s future relies on them returning to a place they don’t remember for people they don’t know. It’s up to three men sent to convince these exceptional women to sacrifice everything they know for Loriah. Rest assured each book in The Taken series combines lust, desire and honor as these men bear their hearts to protect and return The Taken to their rightful world.

The Stone Men series follows the hedonistic lives of spoiled, bored goddesses who collect men like, well… romance novels. These goddesses keep their men locked in stone statues allowed only to come to life to fulfill the goddesses’ desires – whatever those may be at the moment. Only true love can break the curse the stone men are under. True love from women living in our modern-day world. Women who are too smart to believe in “magic.” Or, are they?

If you enjoy your holidays with a side of steamy reading, consider adding The Taken or The Stone Men or both to your hot reading list.


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