Blog | Grab some "me" time during the holidays with these audiobooks
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Romance and Paranormal Romance Audiobooks

Love Stories for Audiobook Fans: End the Year on a Romantic Note

When you’re a romance novel and paranormal romance novel lover, this time of the year puts you in quite a quandary. You’re in airports, on planes, in cars, on trains. Moving from one event to the next. You have a little time off from work and need to squeeze in some “me” time – a few blissful moments to spend engrossed in your favorite romance series. But, suitcases and totes can only hold so much, not to mention your shoulders. How do you choose which romance novels to pack? What if you finish one and have time for another? Hello, audiobooks! How did we ever live without you?

If You Love Contemporary Romance Involving Good Men, Good Women and a Happy Ending…

You might want to listen to the Whisper Lake series audiobooks. Though it’s a series, each romance novel is set in the small Ozark Mountains town of Whisper Lake and features the tale of a Grace family member finding a happily ever after. You can listen to them in order or just one, but fair warning, listen to one and you’ll probably be dying to listen to another.

The first two books of the Whisper Lake series are available as audibooks. The third book in the series are available as an ebook.

The Longest Fall

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The Sweetest Temptation

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If You Love Paranormal Romance with a Twist…

If you’re a fan of Christine Feehan, Shannon K. Butcher or Sherrilyn Kenyon, then The Taken series is right up your alley. This series will tak you to a paranormal world where true love and happy endings are the norm, but that’s about all you can count on in this paranormal universe.

Be taken away to a world that hinges on convincing three women to sacrifice everything they know to save a world that they don’t know exists. If anyone can, it’s the three men whose mission it is to find and protect them because the fate of Loriah depends on it.

The first book in the Taken series is available as an audiobook. Other books in the series are available as ebooks.

Taken by Storm

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Audiobooks Let You Take an Entire Romance Library Anywhere You Go

The best invention since sliced bread and warm cookie home delivery, romance audiobooks let us bring as many love stories with us anywhere as we want on devices we always have in our hands anyway. In the size of a tablet or phone, Audible and iTunes lets us take an entire romance library with us everywhere we go. If you’re looking for enthralling romance and paranormal romance audiobooks to bring a little romance into your holiday season, these are the ones to download and bring a happy ending to the year.

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