About | Anna Argent
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About Anna Argent, Paranormal Romance and Contemporary Romance Author

Anna grew up in the quiet suburbs with an affinity for details and organization. She surprised no one; expect maybe her, when she chose to follow a career path in mathematics and design. Compelled to sort out the complications entwined in the most ordinary things and follow her creative side’s inner voice, Anna made a move that transformed her life. She traded geometric and differential equations for flow charts of magical powers and their rules.


The view outside her office window changed from corporate gardens to acres of cattle grazing on rolling greens. Anna is still enamored with picking apart the details to bring something full circle. But now, she weaves stories filled with love, lust and an enticing dose of magic that keep readers on the edge of clenching their teeth or grabbing a box of tissues. Anna is the brain, heart and soul behind The Taken series, The Stone Men series and The Whisper Lake series.

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