The Stone Men Series | Anna Argent
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The Stone Men Series

Made Flesh

Heart of Stone

Immortality Breeds Boredom, Which Leads to the Stone Men

A Fantasy Romance Series by Anna Argent


Have you ever looked at a statue and wondered what it has witnessed as it’s stood silent and still through the years, simply watching? What stories could it tell, what secrets has it heard, and would it ache to be made flesh and blood like all the people walking past it every day?


There are a few special people in this world who know the answers to these questions. They are the Curators, and their job is to protect those cursed to spend eternity trapped in stone—the Stone Men. How did they get turned to stone? That question is an easy one to answer: boredom.


Immortality breeds boredom, and when seven spoiled sisters who also happen to be ancient goddesses get bored, they turn humanity into the ultimate playground. Their game of choice? Collecting human statues. As many and as often as possible. She who collects the most, wins.


This game has been being played for centuries, and the men cursed to live as slaves to these petty goddesses must serve their every whim. Some are used for sex, others for battle, and still others for amusement. All of them, however, suffer at the hands of their mistresses.


Pain, loneliness, humiliation… those are just some of the burdens these men must bear as they live their lives trapped as playthings.


But there is hope. Every Stone Man has one path to freedom—one escape clause in his curse. Discovering it, however, is only part of the battle. Fulfilling that clause and undoing the magic that binds him is far more difficult.

No Stone Man can escape without help, but there are those out there who are sympathetic to their plight—special women who will stop at nothing to see these men free, no matter the personal cost.


In the end, the goddesses will give no mercy or leniency. They will not give up their toys easily, and like many toys, a few will get broken along the way.

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