The Taken Series | Anna Argent
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The Taken Series

Taken Series

Taken by Storm

Taken by Surprise

Taken by Surprise

Taken by Force

Be Taken to a World Where the Only Ones Who Can Save It Don’t Remember It

A Paranormal Romance Series by Anna Argent


The leader, the inventor, the strategist: three women hold the key to the survival of a dying people, and the men sent to find them will stop at nothing to ensure their safety.


In every generation, a few rare children are born on the distant world or Loriah. They are gifted with exceptional abilities that make them both loved and feared. But when those children are targeted for annihilation by a hostile invading army, the Loriahans whisk them away to Earth and hide them in plain sight among people who know nothing of their existence.


Years later, after countless battles have raged on Loriah and defeat by the Raide seems inevitable, a band of elite scouts is sent to find the Taken and bring them back to their birthplace to turn the tide of war. But, those scouts are not alone on Earth. Their enemy has learned that there are secret weapons walking among humans, blending in. The Taken are hunted by both those who seek to protect them and those who wish only to use them, and their lives depend on who finds them first.


Few of the Taken have survived. Even fewer know who they are—what they are—and the role they are expected to play to defeat an enemy on a war-torn world they don’t even remember. Raised as humans, but with talents and gifts they can’t explain, these rare, special people hold the fate an entire world in their hands. It’s the mission of the scouts to ensure the Taken cooperate, but in the case of three special women, sometimes even the simplest of plans get complicated.


In a strange world where the edges of magic and technology blur, only the Taken have the power to prevent the death of countless innocent people. They must defeat the Raide, who destroy all they touch, or Earth will be next.


How do you convince three strong women to sacrifice everything for a world they don’t even know exists? The answer lies in the hearts of the three men sent to protect them.

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